The strange tree

Not far from the settlement of Ilsky (Russia, Krasnodar Territory) there is an amazing place called Crab Gorge. The name was not given by chance – there are crabs in the stream. I already wrote about this some time ago here. One of the attractions of the Gorge is a strange poplar (Populus alba), which […]


Heavenly extravaganza

A storm warning was announced on the Black Sea coast from Tuapse to Novorossiysk. It was expected heavy rain showers, strong wind and a high probability of formation of tornadoes. Tankers from Tsemesskaya bay were launched into the open sea. A black ball was hung over the rescue post on the beach, it’s a signal […]


A brave and caring mom

My observations of how the spider wasp Parabatozonus lacerticida (Pallas, 1771) arranges a nest with food reserves for her future larva. Once in the morning, I hiked near Dzhankhot and saw a wasp Parabatozonus lacerticida circled above the surface of ground without grass. Then it ran across the ground, then took off and came back […]


The Papai sketches

I’ve been here many times. And I’m drawn to this place all the time. Papai is the most western mountain range of the Greater Caucasus, with rocky outcrops. Five major peaks (Northern Papai, Central Papai, Main Papai, Eastern Papai and Western Papai) form tht so-called «Papai Saw» with a length of about 5 km. The […]

Xysticus sp. Perillus bioculatus Leptinotarsa decemlineata_Krasnodar Territory_North-Western Caucasus_spider_true bug_larvae_beetle_stink bug

Two versus one

It is known that carnivorous the two-spotted stink bug (Perillus bioculatus) feed mainly on the larvae and eggs of the Colorado beetle. Once, during observations of these bugs, I saw such a scene: one bug and one spider-boat Xysticus sp. attacked a larva of the Colorado potato beetle at a time. Both predators made enormous […]

Dolichophis caspius_Krasnodar Territory_North-Western Caucasus_snake_Caspian whipsnake

The Caspian whipsnake

The Caspian whipsnake (Dolichophis caspius) is widespread in South and South-Eastern Europe. This is one of the largest snakes in Europe. In length it can reach 2 m. There are specimens found up to 2.5 m long. The Caspian whipsnake prefers dry habitats: forest edges with thickets of spiny bushes, stony slopes with sparse vegetation, […]