Lyristes plebejus_Krasnodar Territory_North-Western Caucasus_common cicada_Cicada plebeian

The common cicada – Lyristes plebejus

Working in the State Nature Reserve «Utrish» in early June 2013, I witnessed a mass emergence from the soil of nymphs of the common cicada (Lyristes plebejus). For several nights in a row, they crawled out from under my tent  literally…     Up to four years the nymphs live in the soil, where they […]

Atypus affinis_Krasnodar Territory_North-Western Caucasus_spider_purse web spider

The purse web spider – Atypus muralis

One night, during the night photography, I found on the wall of my house an unknown spider. In the viewfinder, it seemed to me quite unlike other spiders. First of all, I was struck by huge chelicerae with long terminal segments. I surfed the Internet and found out that this is the male of the […]