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My name is Vladimir Neimorovets. I am a naturalist, photographer and professional entomologist, Ph.D.

I am a member of the Union of Wildlife Photographers of Russia, Macroclub, St. Petersburg Club of Photo Hunters, and Russian Entomological Society.

I have been interested in nature since early childhood. It all started with a simple observation of small creatures such as beetles. I grew up in southern Russia on the outskirts of the village. We had our own house. Frogs, birds, numerous invertebrates, and many plants surrounded me at every step. Sometime later, I became interested in popular science literature. And I really liked the color photos, mostly insects and spiders. I wanted to learn how to do that. At the end of my school, I started taking pictures. It was a black and white film photography. I sometimes remember how I close in our bathroom, turn on the red light and start the magic over the ditches with photographic solutions. It was very difficult to take high-quality pictures, and I spent a lot of time getting experience. My favorite pastimes were photography, hiking in nearby fields and forests, and entomology. Thus, all this led me to a passion for photography of nature.

Now I work as a scientist at the All-Russian Research Institute of Plant Protection and I am engaged in the study of harmful insects to protect agriculture. My interest in nature photography was not only weakened, but also became stronger. At every opportunity, I go out and take pictures of nature.

My favorite models have been and remain any invertebrates. This is a fantastic world hiding from our eyes. These little creatures look incredible through a macro lens. But I also shoot plants, mushrooms, landscapes and other natural objects. I want to show other people some moments of a parallel life that I saw during my observations. The nature around us is very great. On this site you will see only a small piece of this Great World.


Please contact me for any questions or inquiries by e-mail neimorovets@gmail.com or fill out the Contact Form.


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